Amazon dark-pattern just got me.

They said that watching "The Day Shall Come" would be two fifty. Two fifty.

Then I click through and it's three fifty. They say they do me HD for three fifty.

Do I want it three fifty instead?

I say "No, I might not even put on my glasses, i'll probably mostly be looking at my phone, I don't care about the HD, just tell me about the two fifty."





It'll probably be good though...


I wanna watch it on my laptop (coz that is connected to the projector)

Where's the button for the list of films you accidentally rented?


> Prime Video..


> My Stuff..

Adverts for things I might like or have said I might like

> Purchases & Rentals...

My finger is getting tired. My mum would be lost. I'm trained. I see the routes, the buttons, the way through the mazes.

I feel manipulated and trapped, spied upon and taxed but finally!

"The day shall come"

It's fucking Chris Morris! 2019 I can't believe I didn't know it existed until now.

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