So here it is. 2022. A lot of twos in that number. Like a row of swans but one of them is ducking under the water with it's arse in the air.

I'll almost definitely finish this next cartoon in 2022. That's taken way longer than I'd hoped. But the tools I have made will last much longer and make things faster in future.

Did like four of those "Observers" shorts in 2021. That's a good rate for them. Wish I'd tried harder to write a Christmas script. Next year maybe.

2022's first few months look like they're gonna be good for hunkering down and writing and building, and then there'll be antibodies everywhere you could go by the spring. Hopefully a full festival season again.

Have a everyone.


I thought I was gonna be all smug going "they started the fireworks a minute too early" but then they really really banged at midnight and they're still going.

So far 2022 is like war-zone aurally.

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Presumably they're being fired from the street and reflected in the windows rather than being actually let off in my neighbours flat at it appears.

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