These days I try to avoid launching a program by pressing the windows key and typing it's name.

No way to avoid that "search" being sent to MS servers in Windows 11 so far as I can tell. There is no "search only for apps when I hit the windows key" option. Giving them a list of every app you open when you open it.

Wish all this VR dev stuff would work properly in Linux so I didn't have to use a snitching operating system.

Ugh. Fucking windows. How long should I wait before I cut the power? Been about twenty minutes now.



Okay, that's been about an hour. Gonna have to try a power interruption. :(

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Well, at least it's come back up apparently mostly working, so that's something.

@clock I dunno, some things crashed when I left it rendering over night. It wanted an update reboot anyway so I closed everything and gave it one.

Unity or Ms studio maybe.

@pre I would never wait more than five minutes before powering down and back up again...

@chiasm Whereas I'll usually just sigh and go do something else for a while. In this case, have brunch.

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