Message sent to Oculus support


Tried to buy a game but I get some message about my bank wanting more confirmation or something.

It suggested the web store online.

That wants me to log in with facebook.

I haven't logged into Facebook for months. Never on my new computer. I mean why would you? It's a messaging service which deliberately hides half your friend's messages and replaces much of what's left with spying adverts. Never even tells the sender or recipient the message wasn't delivered. Awful. Worst kind of blogging/messaging service you can imagine, even if it wasn't spying on you and selling your digital soul to advertisers and political manipulators. Plus putting half your friends in Facebook jail for swearing or whatever. I mean what? Get me out of here!

Anyway, I deliberately left it. Would have deleted it if it wasn't for the Oculus.

But now it says that my account is locked to protect me and I should log in with my usual computer on a secure network.

But my old computer is dead. The guts inside the tower case have been replaced and upgraded, it's old hard-drive formatted and repurposed as a part of a RAID setup.

I'm already running a VPN, so I dunno how much more secure a network can get.

Probably it's the VPN they are complaining about? Perhaps by "secure" they mean "surveilled" so they can be more sure I'm not a pirate or whatever. But I don't really want to turn it off, since I live in an undemocratic country ruled by an elite aristocracy who have demanded all ISPs keep a log of all internet traffic by all subjects, because terrorism. So hardly secure!

So anyway, I can't figure out any way to log in.

So I guess I can't buy that game after all.

Kinda glad not to be giving Facebook any more money but I do love this headset so I'll still do it if you can figure out a way I can log in.

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@pre Maybe it's just the exit node of your VPN?


Maybe. Probably. Dunno. That and blocking so many advert and javascript-delivery domains.

Expect if I compromised my security enough I could convince 'em I'm me.

But I gave up instead. Fuck 'em. Don't care.

Played No Mans Sky all evening on the Vive as an alternative. :shrug:

The support message got me a form-reply with a link to a help-page, and suggestions to gather screenshots of login and stuff if that didn't help.

Then no follow-up.

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