New computer day!

Haven't installed since last millennium. Wonder how that'll go? Easier or harder than on the other drive?

If you never see me again I failed to get it working.

Just kidding of course. I've got my phone.

It is built!

But it is empty. I have a windows 11 iso on a memory stick.

Let's see how it goes.

And on the other hard-dive, the debian (probably, unless it doesn't work) drive.

This is the first new-build in which I intend /home to be a pool.

The way it can be extended and snap-shotted and compressed and encrypted and beamed from one computer to another is neigh short of miraculous and I am super excited that my /home will always have these kinds of magic skills from now on.

The compression even makes is faster on some kinds of tasks if you're not already CPU-bound.

@pre that's still probably a DKMS package? Aren't you worried a kernel update will break it (not to mention all the recompiling every time?)


@RyuKurisu I'm backed up enough not to be worried about anything, but am interested in the perils that may be involved.

Been running zfs for the DB servers at work a couple of years. Seems to have been going okay there.

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