New computer day!

Haven't installed since last millennium. Wonder how that'll go? Easier or harder than on the other drive?

If you never see me again I failed to get it working.

Just kidding of course. I've got my phone.

It is built!

But it is empty. I have a windows 11 iso on a memory stick.

Let's see how it goes.


It says no device drivers where found.

Doesn't say what device it's talking about.

I unplugged all the vr stuff and tried again.


Graphics drivers probably? Am I supposed to download graphics drivers with my phone now?

Luckily I'm the kinda guy who also has a laptop, but nvidia drivers seem to just be some exe files, not the dll type thing I'd expect.

Putting them on anither USB drive (I'm the kinda guy with multiple USB keys around) and navigating to it in browse doesn't show any matching files.


Oh. The mother board came with a dvd. Maybe it's the mother board, Maybe it's on there?

Sure would be good to know which device it wanted drivers for. There seems to be quite a list.

Doesn't seem to be any kind of select-all. "chipset" gives me a list of windows 10 drivers (will they work)?


WiFi? Wifi are notoriously bad in Linux world coz so many are none free.


Nope. No new drivers found.

Sure would be good to know which device it is talking about. Oo ee.

I'm gonna take it apart and remove the graphics card. Try the on board graphics to start with then upgrade after install?

Is this further, or less far? I've unplugged everything except the install USB key, the keyboard.

Usually I take the approach that I should have everything plugged in at install coz it'll probably get scanned and auto installed.

I guess it's not like that in windows land.

At least this time it's saying what type of device it can't grok: media.


Searching around it seems that I might have up update the bios to work with win 11. Or maybe change the pch-fw config?

That's a hardware tpm. Trusted computing they call it. Encryption keys. Apparently it needs to be enabled for win 11.

The bios update files come with a exe that has to be run to work out a file name. But I don't have a currently working windows machine on which to run the renamer.

So I need a working windows machine to run the bios update the get the windows machine working.

Why does this file need renaming? Why not just name it right? Hummm.

Managed to flash a new bios, renaming the file manually to one mentioned in a web post.

Still says it can't find a media driver though.

Proper stuck now.

My only hope is that when I install debian tomorrow the unity3d/vr stuff will have improved enough I don't need windows any more.

Okay, so if you use Ubuntu's iso burner or you dd from the command line you build a broken boot image.

Instead, you need to format the drive with ex fat and then copy the individual files from the iso archive onto the newly formatted partition.

Don't use fat32. Some files are too large for fat32.

It's got as far as asking for my registration key now.

Day two of trying to install windows.

People online say that error might indicate bad ram or a bad install disk.

So I removed most of the ram and tried this sd card reader that I have to hold together with an elastic band.

And we have some success.

Dunno if it's the ram or install disk that's questionable now though. Poor scientific method changing both at once.

Localization, keyboard input selection, network connection selection, updates, name the machine after a buffy character, and it does the second reboot.

Now it's asking for a pin


Oh, apparently it can be a full password. Phew!

Location services? No thanks. It never moves.

Find my device? It's huge and lives in a cupboard! What? No.

Diagnostics to MS? No thanks. Though there is no "no", only a "required only" :(

Inkling any typing can be sent directly to ms to be "improved". Ugh. God no.

If I want the adverts I see to be tailored to my tastes I can let ms spy on me to decide which ones. There is no option to have no adverts in my os, so best option is "the ads you see will be more generic" :(

Let aps use an advertising id?? Fuck no.

Then they are nosy asking me how I'll use the machine. Skip that.

Backup my files on one drive? Are you mad?

Try premium apps for free for a month then 80 quid a month there after? Ha. Nope. Libre office is free for all the other months too.

Checking for updates. Again. Rebooting for the forth time.

Next is an error. Can't sign into one drive.

Well, yeah, I don't have a one drive account so far as I know and don't trust ms with my files. Guess I'll see this error every boot then? Nice.


Seems to be in win11 now. Time to reboot with the graphics card and all the ram and stuff plugged back in...

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Was gonna use Edge to download the nvidia drivers, but it started with a message signing me in before the browser even finished launching. So. Ms are watching my browser? before even graphics drivers I guess.

Needed a shell to fetch my passwords from my unix machines so installed git for git bash.

Graphics drivers seem to have installed okay. Reboot required again though. Seemed a very quick reboot but wasn't paying much attention. Hopefully there was a moment I could press an f key to boot from another drive or the duel boot to Linux could be tricky.

Changed graphics setting: nvidia control panel / manage 3d / power management = Max performance. We don't need do save battery with this machine.

Apparently I need to "activate" windows before I can pick a dark theme. And I guess my old motherboards licence key ain't gonna cut it.

No free upgrade for me :(

It's two hundred and twenty pounds. Fuck me.

Perhaps I'll leave that there and only worry about it if steam vr still ain't working in the latest Linux version.

Brunch. And then installing debian then....

Maybe a long brunch. Copying all my data from the drive destined to be wiped for a Debian install onto this new Windows drive is apparently going to take nearly four hours.

Its a lot of data but hopefully that's just a bad estimate.

It wants to update and restart again.

But at a quick glance, and baring in mind it's just been installed in about the fastest computer I could buy, it seemed okay.

Assuming there's a dark theme the task-bar and widgets work well together and the widgets can be easily turned the fuck off.

The chat-app and the link to the microsoft store in the chat app could be easily removed with just four quick clicks.

The search feels creepy the way it combines web-results with on-machine results and so presumably shares all on-machine queries with the web. Someone on the web at least.

It too can be removed from the task bar easily.

Git-bash worked well and Firefox is fast.

The start-menu is fast sane and not ugly, but again feels a bit creepy with search and adverts of sorts in it.

Now I'm going to close it down and remove the hard-drive, plug in the other one and boot the Debian installer.

I've done this one more like a dozen times this millennium but very new hardware is often a pain and I've never tried to do it with a ZFS partition before.

I will not have to pay 200 pounds, whether I pass "go" on the upgrade escalator monopoly game or not.

Dunno why it wouldn't boot the net installer. Probably burned it wrong or something. Nothing else would boot it either.

We have booted a xfce live installer though. Speech synthesis installers too now.

Shall I try the live? Don't think I've tried a live debian installer before.

There she is! Hello debian. Interesting choice to put the main monitor on the opposite one to the boot loader.

You see that drive labelled "boot", I hope to install you on there.

British English in London time zone please.

When picking a keyboard layout debian is doing something I couldn't do in win: let me type to test if it's right .

200 gig ext4 for root, a hundred gig for swap

We'll call the rest exfat for now but the intention is zfs later.

Right. Rethink. That then.

"an efi system partition is necessary to start debian. Create a fat32 file system for boot, with boot flag, at /boot.

Doh I knew that.

And there it goes. Started.

Will it fail at 40 percent half a dozen times until I get better install media? Who knows. It's incredible any of this stuff works at all.

Ha, the power saving kicked in, monitor went bank.

Is it still working? Jiggle mouse.



Turns out it 'user' / 'live'

6% done.

Debian 11 (bullseye) has now been installed on your system. You may now restart.

That's just ONE reboot Microsoft! You hear?

Done. It's installed.

I have bash and Firefox, so I can at least definitely do my job on Monday.

But next I want to fill the left over space with a zfs pool, and move home there.

Well. Ideally that. But you have to turn off X-11 to do that. Which means using the console.

And the console is filled with rude error messages about failing to read a bluetooth device.

Every second.


I don't care if bluetooth works or not, but I do need it to not fill my screen with errors constantly.

>dmesg -n 1

Will make the console shut up with the errors so you can think at least.

But now my curry is here.

Everyone seems to love their graphical splashes. Showing a nice graphic instead of showing what's actually going on.

I hate that.

I don't want a Graphical Login Manager.


Makes it awkward to do graphics-drives jobs, means you can't see what's going on.

> vi /etc/default/grub


Then disable the stupid display-manager:

> sudo systemctl disable lightdm

Now X won't start until I want X to start.

But the old graphics drives will still start, and we wanna stop that so we can replace them with the new ones:

> vi /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf

Add the lines:
blacklist nouveau
options nouveau modeset=0

Then reboot (boo!)

Once we once again re-stop that torrent of bluetooth errors we can actually run the graphics drivers!

Spent far too long wondering why the second monitor wouldn't work until I realized I unplugged it when the curry arrived so I could maneuver the projector screen open.


So NVidia on Debian is working, and I get to actually watch the text of the boot-up instead of being blind-folded by a graphics start screen.

And also have a console to fix any graphics issues.

Now I'm not blind-folded, I can see boot up is delayed massively by this on-board bluetooth device flooding errors and trying to re-connect over and over again.

I assume this is some proprietary driver that I have to download but I wonder how I find out how to do that...

Both Bluetooth and Wiki look like they might tale some figuring out, whereas I'm gonna need to be able to Video-Talk with my family in the morning!

So can I get my webcam running through Jitsi? With the mic?

First, we need to shut off these damn Bluetooth errors by just disabling bluetooth and wifi:

> vi /etc/modprobe.d/bluetooth-blacklist.conf

blacklist btrtl
blacklist btbcm
blacklist btintel
blacklist btusb

And reboot.

Ah. no more bluetooth errors.

And Jitsi appears to work, both from the USB mic and from the camera and the speakers are working.

So I'm good to go for meeting tomorrow. Probably a long way away from having Steam and Unity and VR installed yet.

Looks like Bluetooth and WIfi may be tricky in Debian.

New computers eh?

Bedtime though.

Tell you what though, it's remarkable how simlar XFCE4 has been for ages with how Windows 11 is now:

Show newer

Didn't literally put /home on ZFS in the end, but I did put symlinks from /home to some ZFS pools.

~/doc for current documents/projects. It will be backed up and it's on a fast nvme drive, but it's too small for everything so:

~/arc is for archived documents/projects. It will be backed up too, but it's on a much bigger HDD

~/pub for music and movies and stuff doesn't need backing up.

Took fucking *ages* to move all that data onto emergency store so I could add the drives to zfs and then move them onto zfs partitions.

Done now though.

I said of Debian install that "Very new hardware is often a pain".

And sure enough, the Wifi and Bluetooth and Microphone-socket are the hardware that's tricky.

Possibly need a newer kernel for the mic at least.

So. Upgrading to testing/bookworm...

Fuck me I hate the bleeding edge.

Apparently the drivers I downloaded from Nvidia like last week are out of date for the Testing kernel. Had to download newer ones.

Maybe I downloaded a "stable" instead of "newest" or something.


With that fixed I'm on Bookworm now. And sound isn't working at all. Pavctrl can't connect to Pulseaudio.

I through Pulseaudio was dead now, replaced by pipewire?


> apt install pipewire-pulse

Not sure why it didn't do that on it's own. I spent so long following defunct Buster instructions.

Audio output working again now.

Mic still fucked though.


Pipewire is indeed the sound-driver in Debian now. But there's a package "pipewire-pulse" that gives Pipewire it's Pulseaudio interface.

That got uninistalled during the switch to Testing I think.

Still didn't fix the internal microphone socket though. Hey ho. A five dollar USB sound-card works.

Bluetooth on this Rog Strix board only sort-of works and only on a hard-reboot. After a soft reboot it disappears. Seems likely these issues aren't even fixed in the kernel yet, let alone made their way to Debian Testing.

Hopefully one day.

The wifi works at least, now I have the latest firmware.

Hopefully today's install of and and will go better.

on worked simply and easily. Downloaded a .deb, "dpkg --install"ed it, ran the app and gave it to install more packages. (Twice, for some reason).

Then it just quit, but it worked properly next launch.

Selected and clicked "install", then when it had downloaded "Run".

"Not fully installed, some features missing"

Oh. 🤔

it wants to do the room-setup, so I need to pair a controller. Right-click the controller icon and "pair" from the menu....

Blank window. Oh. : 🤔

What was that about not fully installed? There's a log saying
"Error: getcap is required to complete the SteamVR setup."

getcap is in /sbin on Debian. Lets try linking it into /usr/bin

> sudo ln -s /sbin/getcap /usr/bin/
> sudo ln -s /sbin/setcap /usr/bin/

That stops the error at least. Now try SteamVR again...

Now it asks for SU again to complete setup.

Pairing controllers works now, though it gave a lying error saying "the controller timed out" even though the pairing worked fine.

But, it says it can't see the headset.

Unplug it all, re-plug it all. Restart SteamVR.

Now it's stuck in some sort of upgrade loop. Downloading an update to SteamVR, saying it's complete right away and then starting again.

Restart the whole of steam... It won't stop. Force-quit it.

Now the headset is tracking, but one controller isn't, and the room-setup window auto-closes as soon as it opens.

Exit. It has quit, but continues to dump errors to the console. "ps" shows a bunch of processes still running. They respawn when they are killed.

Oh man. Reboot....

Well, exiting XFCE and restarting X was enough, didn't need a full on reboot.

Now steamVR says "Due to recent crash, some addons are disabled", gives a warning that it can't start the room-setup coz something is already running.

But all things appear to be tracking.

And the room-setup has begun...

Used the "advanced" setup, done it many times before and it's slightly easier for my shaped room.

The headset and controllers are now working. I would describe the framerate as glitchy.

Sad that isn't supported on Linux. Maybe possible to get it running anyway, but we'll start with a supported one.

Half life, downloading now.

But that frame-rate is too glitchy, makes my eyes go weird. It'll need to do better than that.

So, want more than 200 quid for a license key from their website, but if you buy one from some re-seller they're more like 30 quid?

And they are available at a range of prices where the price seems to match the varying degrees of apparent dogyness of the site.

Presumably some of them are so dodgy they just won't work?

Is there a line where it becomes pirate? How much is it at that line and why can't I buy it at that price from MS directly?

Windows is so confusing.

Decide today how piratey you want to be!

For zero dollars you can be completely piratey and download a hack to avoid a licence key.

For ten dollars you can be fairly swashbuckling and buy a stolen licence key from someone who'll never know they lost it.

For thirty dollars you can be a crown-licenced privateer and buy second-hand bankruptcy windows licence stock.

For a hundred dollars you can be barely piratey at all and buy a student licence.

Or for two hundred you can be the full sucker not-pirate-at-all price what-are-you-a-lawyer price?

Is that how it works?

On a new windows 11 machine, I have installed:

= Network Privacy =
First things first, a VPN.

= Command Line =
ssh, git, bash, vim

I live on the internet, I flit from server to server asking "whoami" often to remember what machine I'm even operating.

I need these tools to operate a computer as a part of the network. It's how you move files between machines, it's how one machine controls another, it's the keys to admin life.

On windows, the git package installs a "git-bash", which is like a one-arm-tied-behind-your-back version of a proper Bash terminal but you can use it well enough to escape to a shell on a server with a real Gnu system and it'll run git and vim.

= Private Messaging =
Signal desktop

Also great for sending copy/pastia between phones and other machines.

= Public Messaging =
Telegram desktop

Groups and chats that want a permanent record are better not in private-messenger Signal.

Plus many folks still not on Signal.

= Web =

With all the plugins as up-thread for defensive browsing.

Also no-doubt Chrome when I have to investigate some bug that only shows in Chrome.

That's the basic set to make the computer operate, but really you're gonna want level two as well to do any actual work.

= Graphics Editing =

Transitioning to the former, which seems nicer in many ways. But i still have many xcf files and Gimp habits and very little Krita practice so far. Will have both for a long while yet.

= Photo Development =

I don't do a lot of that though really. Probably won't come up at all in Windows

= 3d Modeling/Video Editing =

Blender is my favorite tool after Vim, if you want to edit something that isn't a text file then Blender is the first best bet. Mostly 3d-models and video and image compositing but so much more.

Two versions actually. Still need 2.79 for various reasons. Embarrassing. Must fix that.

= Sound Editing =

Basic fast easy.

It's been bought, and maybe getting more corporate/spy-y?

Which arguably might lead to better support and faster development

But it's open and there's a fork: Tenacity.

Tenacity haven't done an actual non-test release yet though so think about that later, they sound busy and excited though.

= Audio Workstation =

It's far more than just a wav-mixer like Audacity is. For making tunes not just touching up a quick wave.

= Spreadsheet / Print-editing / Office =

Though I don't do a huge amount of that, and what I do do I do in Debian anyway. So doubt I'll have to install it on Win.

They all work as well, (sometimes better) on Debian/Gnu/Linux, and most are install able by just passing their name to "apt".

> apt install wget gimp krita obs-studio audacity rhythmbox borgbackup darktable lmms rhythmbox ardour bash-completion clusterssh git usbutils

Does most of that and more.

Some have a dark theme on these days too!

Mostly they're free software, some of which I support by donation, and none of them try and make me feel like a criminal to extort 200 quid or apparently maliciously spy on me.

Blender literally says "You are breathtaking! ❤ Blender is now yours to keep. Forever." while Microsoft is all like "You are a criminal unless you give us 200 pounds. Psst, if you can't afford it, see the man in a trenchcoat there who we sold a giga-licence to on the cheap".

Steam and VR went onto Win11 without any mentionable issues at all. Much smoother than in Debian or a few years ago when I last did it in Win10.

My new computer is powerful enough to do something my old computer couldn't: Play the VR system and also at the same time run a MAME rom to emulate the arcade machine I'm playing in VR. I mean the old machine could do space-invaders, but it started dropping frames when trying to play Outrun.

No more:

And my actual VR app and dev system are working. Embarrassingly enough still in the 2018 version of Unity but I can't be dealing with upgrading that too this week.

My new computer is complete. I may resume work.

@pre you won't be using a graphical display manager, but will you instead be using a text based one like 'ly'? 🙂👍

@RyuKurisu yes. This is what a computer should look like as it boots. Informative logging, not a logo on a splash screen.

And this is what it should look like when it's finished booting. Just a text login and no fancy graphics.

Then I can startx if I need it. Or more usually run my start script which also ensures drives are mounted and v4loopback starts and stuff.

@pre I'm thinking of doing Alpine Linux and use 'ly' as display manager (considering I'm actually a graphical laptop user) and the Lumina Desktop. Just because I can 🙂👍

@pre pulse somehow won over enterprise, so anything that got ported to linux usually only supports that one interface. Distros pretty much had to make it the only option to compete, and I stopped trying to do audio on linux.

lmk if pipewire is as good as they say. I'll have zero windows machines in the near future and I'm curious about how well that's going to go in the sound department.

@rook Seems like Pipewire will be good when everything starts using it.

Pretty sure the problems I've failed to solve last night with the microphone are to do with the hardware rather than Pipewire.

Think I'm gonna have to get a USB sound-card. Even Testing isn't up to date enough, in fact sounds like the bugs are still not even fixed in Master.

Today I'll be trying to get Unity and VR to work and finally figure out if I'll need to pay for that Windows install or if I can wipe it fore more zfs space.

@pre I don't know how well it works, but you've got "winget" nowadays to install software on Windows 🙃👍

@RyuKurisu Sounds cool but:

> winget install ffmpeg
Seems to have made it install something called "audiotonic", and maybe re-install audacity, and not give ffmpeg on the bash command line.

It's nice that they're trying though. ⭐

@pre btw, why not use WSL when on Windows? They are still working on the graphical apps (with WSLg), but the terminal ones work AFAIK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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