New computer day!

Haven't installed since last millennium. Wonder how that'll go? Easier or harder than on the other drive?

If you never see me again I failed to get it working.


Just kidding of course. I've got my phone.

It is built!

But it is empty. I have a windows 11 iso on a memory stick.

Let's see how it goes.

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It says no device drivers where found.

Doesn't say what device it's talking about.

I unplugged all the vr stuff and tried again.


Graphics drivers probably? Am I supposed to download graphics drivers with my phone now?

Luckily I'm the kinda guy who also has a laptop, but nvidia drivers seem to just be some exe files, not the dll type thing I'd expect.

Putting them on anither USB drive (I'm the kinda guy with multiple USB keys around) and navigating to it in browse doesn't show any matching files.


Oh. The mother board came with a dvd. Maybe it's the mother board, Maybe it's on there?

Sure would be good to know which device it wanted drivers for. There seems to be quite a list.

Doesn't seem to be any kind of select-all. "chipset" gives me a list of windows 10 drivers (will they work)?


WiFi? Wifi are notoriously bad in Linux world coz so many are none free.


Nope. No new drivers found.

Sure would be good to know which device it is talking about. Oo ee.

I'm gonna take it apart and remove the graphics card. Try the on board graphics to start with then upgrade after install?

Is this further, or less far? I've unplugged everything except the install USB key, the keyboard.

Usually I take the approach that I should have everything plugged in at install coz it'll probably get scanned and auto installed.

I guess it's not like that in windows land.

At least this time it's saying what type of device it can't grok: media.


Searching around it seems that I might have up update the bios to work with win 11. Or maybe change the pch-fw config?

That's a hardware tpm. Trusted computing they call it. Encryption keys. Apparently it needs to be enabled for win 11.

The bios update files come with a exe that has to be run to work out a file name. But I don't have a currently working windows machine on which to run the renamer.

So I need a working windows machine to run the bios update the get the windows machine working.

Why does this file need renaming? Why not just name it right? Hummm.

Managed to flash a new bios, renaming the file manually to one mentioned in a web post.

Still says it can't find a media driver though.

Proper stuck now.

My only hope is that when I install debian tomorrow the unity3d/vr stuff will have improved enough I don't need windows any more.

Okay, so if you use Ubuntu's iso burner or you dd from the command line you build a broken boot image.

Instead, you need to format the drive with ex fat and then copy the individual files from the iso archive onto the newly formatted partition.

Don't use fat32. Some files are too large for fat32.

It's got as far as asking for my registration key now.

Day two of trying to install windows.

People online say that error might indicate bad ram or a bad install disk.

So I removed most of the ram and tried this sd card reader that I have to hold together with an elastic band.

And we have some success.

Dunno if it's the ram or install disk that's questionable now though. Poor scientific method changing both at once.

Localization, keyboard input selection, network connection selection, updates, name the machine after a buffy character, and it does the second reboot.

Now it's asking for a pin


Oh, apparently it can be a full password. Phew!

Location services? No thanks. It never moves.

Find my device? It's huge and lives in a cupboard! What? No.

Diagnostics to MS? No thanks. Though there is no "no", only a "required only" :(

Inkling any typing can be sent directly to ms to be "improved". Ugh. God no.

If I want the adverts I see to be tailored to my tastes I can let ms spy on me to decide which ones. There is no option to have no adverts in my os, so best option is "the ads you see will be more generic" :(

Let aps use an advertising id?? Fuck no.

Then they are nosy asking me how I'll use the machine. Skip that.

Backup my files on one drive? Are you mad?

Try premium apps for free for a month then 80 quid a month there after? Ha. Nope. Libre office is free for all the other months too.

Checking for updates. Again. Rebooting for the forth time.

Next is an error. Can't sign into one drive.

Well, yeah, I don't have a one drive account so far as I know and don't trust ms with my files. Guess I'll see this error every boot then? Nice.

Seems to be in win11 now. Time to reboot with the graphics card and all the ram and stuff plugged back in...

Was gonna use Edge to download the nvidia drivers, but it started with a message signing me in before the browser even finished launching. So. Ms are watching my browser? before even graphics drivers I guess.

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And on the other hard-dive, the debian (probably, unless it doesn't work) drive.

This is the first new-build in which I intend /home to be a pool.

The way it can be extended and snap-shotted and compressed and encrypted and beamed from one computer to another is neigh short of miraculous and I am super excited that my /home will always have these kinds of magic skills from now on.

The compression even makes is faster on some kinds of tasks if you're not already CPU-bound.

@pre there is always that firmware update tool in Linux you could try before trying to install Windows again?

Besides that I can't tell about unity3d/vr in any distro, let alone Debian. My gut feeling is that you'll have better luck further downstream with Pop_OS! 😎👍

@pre Could you disable loading OneDrive on boot? Dunno if it's possible on 11, but would be worth looking into...

@dheadshot I expect there's a setting.

I'll worry about it after I pay the ransom.

@pre that's still probably a DKMS package? Aren't you worried a kernel update will break it (not to mention all the recompiling every time?)

@RyuKurisu I'm backed up enough not to be worried about anything, but am interested in the perils that may be involved.

Been running zfs for the DB servers at work a couple of years. Seems to have been going okay there.

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