"Beginning in Firefox version 92, you will also receive new, relevant suggestions from our trusted partners based on what you’re searching for"

Oh Firefox, why are you getting so terrible lately :( I don't trust your partners, and I'm losing trust in you!

At least it can be turned off I suppose.


The more "trusted partners" a company has, the less trustworthy that company is.

If you have "trusted partners", I can't trust you.

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@pre giving away free software doesn't pay for staff at MozillaOrg. Default search engine fees paid by Google were as much to keep antitrust attention away from Chrome by maintaining a viable competitor. Would I pay $10/year for Firefox? Would enough others? Or must they resort to monetizing the only asset they have, my eyeballs?

Bit of a dilemma for Mozilla. I wish Microsoft Edge had adopted Quantum engine instead of Chromium. But they didn't.

@marvin I might do, I donate to Blender and Ardour.

Suspect there are too many staff at Mozilla and they mostly aren't working on the browser though.

@pre thought they cut the teams building their next-gen browser stuff. Their leadership has been lacking, and the entire Eich backlash reminds me of a recurring theme in tweets by carnage4life over past few months. The weapons AI work that saw Google employees quitting is just another Monday at MSFT or AMZN. twitter.com/Carnage4Life/statu

@marvin Next-Gen browser stuff sounds like it makes good sense. It is at least working on a browser, not like building a Browser-OS or training collecting voice-samples for neural-net training.

I don't really follow closely though, maybe they've streamlined a lot. Could well be.

I do sometimes think I might switch to using their VPN, but last time I looked into it they weren't servicing my Country / OSes.

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