Hurrah, they fixed my internet. Replaced the fiber into my house which had apparently been eaten by squirrels or magpies or something.

One they they might use armored cable he reckons, but not today. So until that time I shall have to try and guard the cable from squirrels.

I'm now hyper-aware of the squirrels. 👀

Just saw one climbing up the new cable, the little bastard.

Wonder how I can discourage them? I think the upstairs neighbor might be feeding them peanuts. There are peanut shells.

Here's the little guy who keeps climbing up my Internet cable. Just scared him off it but expect he'll be back.

Think it's the neighbour on the third floor that's out out food for him. Haven't gathered conclusive evidence yet though.

Cornered the little guy while he was actually in the act of sabotaging my cables. Here he is using my Internet fibre to cling to a wall like a ninja.

@pre your problem would be solved permanently had you shot him with something other than a camera.

@marvin Aw. Poor little criteer.

Unfortunately you don't get to crop and zoom post-production with a gun so really I'd have just took out the window.

@pre looks like a grey squirrel, which is an invasive species. They're wiping out native squirrels where I live on the west coast. If the little f**kers wouldn't get caught in the spokes of my bike's front wheel, I'd aim for them and accelerate instead of braking.


@marvin Yep. They already won that battle on basically the whole of England. They aren't displacing the red ones any more, it's finished happening.

I do prefer a ginger. Bet they'd still climb the cables though.

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