I have repaired the windows "upgrades" that Microsoft sprung on me during the night when my machine was in the middle of rendering things.

Five reboots at least. I have to jump in as soon as it does each one to prevent it booting back into Linux. Then anther reboot after a while when things were still not quite right so lets try that.

I have scanned broken hard-drives.

I now consider one of them suspect, and in need of replacement. Though it seems okay at the moment. I was never fast enough anyway.

I have pulled the server cupboard apart to check what slots I got to see if I can handle this fastest type of hard drive they have now.

And put it back together, thinking how it being so hot in there is probably what screwed up the drive in the first place.

I planned a new-hard drive setup, and some fans to get some air-flow around the cupboard. I have ordered a jigsaw, which makes me feel very out of my depth.

I think maybe I can actually do some animation tonight though.

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