The censorship at Facebook continues to deepen.

Nobody can be a pseudonym any more.

The avalanche of unicorn memes and inspirational posters roll over the landscape like tumbleweed through the adverts and the spam.

At any given time maybe 2% of the Facebook citizens are in Facebook Jail for violating community standards.

Meanwhile, Facebook's community standards are to spy on everything you say and update their models of how best to manipulate you into buying things and voting their way.

The majority of the population still haven't even noticed. Haven't started heading for the life-boats where freedom of speech is still a thing and you can joke without being thrown in jail and you're allowed pictures of titties.

They will notice, when those tumbleweeds of unicorn memes and inspirational posters are all that's still allowed out side of jail.

But by then will it be too late to stay in touch?

Or will you have visited ?

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