I have a little Raspberry PI that controls my lights and lava lamps and runs my lightning node.

I've been experimenting with getting it to do GPT-3 AI-generated upon demand. Probably when triggered by getting a Lightning payment.

Here's the first experiment, when i asked to to preach to me about

Which may be of interest to @onan

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Unfortunately neither my little robot nor Open-AI's GPT-3 has actually paid to be saved and ordained, so it's ranting about the Subgenius really being pink-mouthed smurfs from under the sea is not cannon, not blessed by "Bob", and as far as we know as completely untrue all the other non-"bob"-blessed religions.

And Odysee seems to be screwed up at the moment, so here is the same video at youtube.

@pre FANTASTIC! Your research into the creation of robo-ranting is VITAL to our holy mission! Giant swaggering robot preachers dispatched around the planet.. a vision of heaven or hell? Depends on if one has had the opportunity to JOIN...

The Church of the SubGenius

:jrbd: 🤖

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