Been watching "this is us" on the streams. Half way into season two of four.

I usually like space ships and devious plotting by bad guys and laughter in my TV and this is very much not that.

It's emotional and poignant and just about life, and good people living and supporting each other and dying and how everything in life overshadows everything else.

Well. In their lives anyway. Drama. Reality is more of a jumble I suspect.

It keeps making me be cry but I like it.

[Ep1 spoilers follow...] 馃檲馃檲馃檲 

It does have some time-travel at least. In the way that the b-story is set a generation earlier. So maybe that's why I like it.


"This Is Us" [S2 e14 spoilers follow...] 馃檲馃檲馃檲 

馃槶 馃槶 馃槶 馃槶

What the hell is this show doing to me?

* Buffy when she died the second time.

* When Ten was separated from Rose at that beach.

* Jack Pearson dying in the most fore-shadowed fire you could ever imagine unless it was written inflames.

I don't usually watch this sort of thing.

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