The game "swarm" is pretty good fun. Swinging around on grapple-hooks shooting at drones.

As I was playing I became aware that the door was ringing. Pizza arrived!

Not sure how long the door has been ringing for so I rush to remove my headset and go answer the door. Squeezing past the chair that's pushed into the doorway out of the room-scale play area.

That goes wrong somehow. I'm falling VR controllers still in hand. I try to land in such a way as to not damage the controllers. Twisting my finger, banging my knee.

I hobble back to my feet to let the pizza-guy in. Can barely walk to the door.

Ugh. That's going to be very bruising.

Cool though. A bit disorientating.

My falling technique focussed on saving the controllers seems to have worked at least. Even if at the expense of a swelling finger.


Every single muscle I have is aching today, as well as my head.

Hopefully this is the moment of max-pain from the fall because I'm not going to be able to continue to work if it gets much worse.

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