Gove and Cumming's plotting is fascial and terrible, none of this will stick, Bojo Jojo is Teflon.

I think he might have actually sold his soul to the devil, just in return for "I wanna be able to get away with anything at all without any consequence".

Which is a good option if you're ever in a soul-selling situation. That might be the thing to bargain for.

Couple of callers to James O Brien's show this morning were just like, "He's the prime-minister, so he shouldn't have to do what his ethical advisor says, of course he should be judge of himself" and half his support seem to like it *more* when he's a cunt coz it winds up the liberals.

He's got a majority of 80 and a lead of 20% in the polls. He sacked most of his opponents in the parlimentary party when they wouldn't sign his Brexit deal so he called an election. Most of those left are loyalist to Bojo.

He'll quit when he wants to quit.

Which will probably be before the next election, but there's no way this kinda thing pushes him out.

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@pre Probably you're right. But the Mail and the Spectator have been going after Johnson on this, I wonder if the billionaire class has decided to switch over to Rishi Sunak or someone.

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