These folks reckon that they can pump air through a misty waterfall to dissolve co2 in it, then use a fancy solar-power electrolysis tech to attach the hydrogen in the water to the carbon and release oxygen while generating alcohols that they can filter through nanotubes to get fuel.

I'm definitely rolling to disbelieve for now.

I want to know what happens if I put my cider through their "Maxwell Core" that "allows alcohol through while rejecting water" though.

If they're not just bullshitters then the distilling process could be obsolete!

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@pre likely a catalyst in their electrolysis tank to save a step, something like Sabatier reaction. Maybe a better catalyst for lower pressure and temp. I'd suspect that their separation is just reverse omosis.

With inefficiencies at every step (especially internal combustion engine at ~30%), I'd guess fueling one car with this process will take the same amount of energy as charging 5-10 electric cars.

@marvin But can it make carbon-nanotube molecularly filtered moonshine?

@pre it really comes down to the properties of the membrane. Going from memory here, but alcohol and water are pretty tough to separate - similar size, both are polar molecules and form hydrogen bonds, etc. With the right membrane, sure, although you might run into clogging problems with everything else in your cider.

@pre err, moonshine. Also no info on the temp and pressure required, prefiltration, etc.

@marvin Curses! When will I ever get my dream of carbon-nanotube-filtered puddle-moonshine!?

It's like technology doesn't even care about the same things I care about.

@pre So it's potentially useful for keeping important things that can't go electric (helicopter air ambulances), but there are a number of firms doing this. Bill Gates was an early investor in Carbon Engineering in Squamish.

But with my dim view of humanity, this type of thing will be used by rich assholes to justify their private jets and megayachts. Oh. Wait. It already is.

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