They're saying the schools will be able to re-open because we've vaccinated all the over-50 year olds.

But under the highly experimental timings invented by non-medics in the government, almost nobody has more than half a vaccine so far.

And the average age of people at schools tends to be well under 50 as far as I can tell.

So not expecting that to go well really.

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Yeah... Kinda need to cover the 16 and under crowd before that's gonna work out. The blind spot to kids is amazing to me. It's as if, globally, governments have conflated "asymptomatic" with "immune".

And that? That is NOT great.

@pre There's a ton of evidence that schools have only a modest effect on the spread. France & Belgium have had schools open all through their current lockdowns and did no worse than us. Hard to see why schools would be a problem in the UK but not elsewhere.


Did France and Belgium spend any money covid-proofing their classrooms?

If we'd done things like fitting ventilators and opening the painted-shut windows or diluting class-sizes I'd be more confident.

Still. We'll find out I suppose.

@TheoEsc Quite a lot of people I know who have caught it caught it coz their kids bought it home from school too.

I probably know more teachers than most so there might be a selection issue there though.


I clicked the BBC one to find:
> The study was unable to determine whether any infected staff or pupils had caught the virus in the school setting.
> Co-researcher Dr Mike Tildesley said: "We are not saying there is no risk.
> "It's an absence of evidence."

Dunno if they're all like that. I'm supposed to be working.

What is the R right now? How much of an effect would be needed to push it over 1?

Are cases down low enough that test and trace can work yet?


It'll be good to get more data though. Especially since I suspect the buildings and class-sizes make a difference so foreign data may not apply.

If they open schools and nothing else at all we can at least get a measure of how much if influences R.

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