This year, with kids less institutionalised than usual, might make an interesting natural experiment.

After I could read, I think I'd have done better at home with books than dealing with the school.

Assuming I'd had the books.

All kids should have books.

Not the same for my brother though. He needed more than books.

But then school didn't really suit him either. He often didn't go and basically flunked out.

"School is child prison. It's forcing kids to spend their childhood - a happy time! a time of natural curiosity and exploration and wonder - sitting in un-air-conditioned blocky buildings, cramped into identical desks, listening to someone drone on about the difference between alliteration and assonance, desperate to even be able to fidget but knowing that if they do their teacher will yell at them, and maybe they'll get a detention that extends their sentence even longer without parole."

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@pre Apart from the effect on education, the pandemic has forced kids into isolation in their parents homes. I can see the effect never playing with other kids or seeing his friends has had on my kid and it's not a good one.

@TheoEsc Yeah, isolation and being locked inside may well be as bad as school I suppose.

Hopefully whatever effect it's had in less than a year of that will be undone in less than a year once it's over.

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