I don't see any way at all to be on the side of the New York Times here.

There's a pattern in press and broadcast media lately to blame social media and the internet for the nazism and the Brexit and the nationalism that Fox and the BBC and the mainstream have created.

This is more of that: Look, someone over there has free speech. Free speech is something evil people like!

Fuck the New York Times. Fuck them in the arse.



"I don’t feel the urge to form walled gardens in which to say those things anyway. I simply accept that, in the age of instantaneous communication, there are no walled gardens: anything you say to a dozen or more people, you might as well broadcast to the planet"

It's worse than that. The walls are a trap, and a lie. And they have ears.

You should broadcast to the planet because those walls are just corporate spying machines anyway.

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