Old-First is probably not the optimal vaccination strategy if you ask me by the way.

I think there's more to be said for workers-first. Especially public-facing-workers-first.

Possibly children after that, so you can open the schools.

Old people aren't super-spreaders, in general are they?

You wanna vaccinate your super-spreaders I reckon.

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@pre Dude, You are talking about boomers who are afraid of critter that only kills 3% of the people who got that. Who do you think gets the swab first? The fucking boomers of course.


It's not boomers who made the plan to vaccinate the vulnerable first though. At least in the UK. Johnson is more of a Gen-Xer and the planning committee are mostly not retired people.

3% chance of death is pretty scary if you ask me. A waking day's worth of hourly Russian roulette.

I wouldn't agree to it even for fuck-you money.

It's a full on catastrophe applied to everyone in a population and breaks a health-system if it's all at once. Broken health systems mean the death-rate goes up more.

Targeting the vulnerable makes first-order sense, but I think targeting the spreaders is second-order sensibler.

I also wouldn't be delaying second doses like our lot are though.

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