Scott Alexander is back posting again. Now on a Substack.

That means I have to finally decide how much money he deserves once I sober up I suppose!

I'm pressing subscribe regardless and so should you.

That old indo-european word "ṛta" ends up meaning a lot of things after it splits and split and splits and splits meaning eh?

From Scott:
"The top and bottom chess sets in this picture are exactly the same color [...] "a slightly different context can confuse our brains so completely that we mistake white for black and vice versa. I believe the same laws of thought apply in the frontal lobe as in the visual cortex. The same forces that transform gray chess sets to white or black, outside our conscious control or comprehension, influence how we think about policies, coalitions, and principles, making them appear self-evidently good or viciously evil. I think this is the century where we'll either learn to understand and deal with our cognitive biases, or else all kill each other."

Amazing. Welcome back Scott.

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