The other place is full of pictures of food-parcels for which the tax-payer paid 30 quid.

A week's food for a kid off school.

They say we can't just pay parents directly coz they might waste some of it on beer and drugs and hookers, presumably instead of spending it on donations to the conservative party and storing it in tax havens.

I suspect that contracting companies on a "of course, don't forget to skim some off as profit for your shareholders" basis may not be a great way to distribute aid.

Maybe just directly pay people a salary to do a thing instead of fucking privatising everything so the can get it's cut.

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If you've got some aid you need to distribute then obviously you could just distribute the aid to the people. Maybe pay a person a salary to run a team to work out who gets what.

But that would be "big state".

Instead it's more efficient to just hand the money to a limited private enterprise and ask THEM to pay a person a salary to run a team to work out who gets what. And of course don't forget to skim a bit off the top for your shareholders.

That is "little state" because it costs more and helps support capitalism and conservative party donors.

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