Some reasons why arguments against don't apply to the case of / / leaving the .

1) The EU was never enforcing a harsh counter-productive austerity on the UK, sapping it's economic vitality against the democratic will of it's people.

2) The EU has a plurarity of political parties because it doesn't use an undemocratic unproportional voting system that leaves it's regions ruled by extreme right-wing kleptomaniacs that nobody in the country elected.

3) Leaving the UK isn't about putting up borders with England, it's about refusing to accept England's new borders with the rest of the EU.

4) The EU never placed it's institutions above it's member countries, whereas the Westminster parliament claims complete sovereign supermacy over it's member-countries.

5) Leaving the EU doesn't escape the influence of outdated undemocratic institutions like hereditary peers, guaranteed church places in government, a mostly-appointed second house, a house of lords, a monarchy.

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