Interesting COVID-risk calculator tells me that band-practice indoors for three hours in London with four people at current infection-rates is a about a 2% chance of being infected with the virus.

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@pre They need a risk factor of “indoors with a mask.” Some of us attend indoor events that require a mask. I’m more likely to forego a mask outdoors in the air than indoors.

@jimgon The UI is confusing some people. The big drop-menu with various scenarios at the top is just a "load template settings" really.

All it does is fill in the other drop-menus, which include "indoors/outdoors" and also options for you wearing a mask or not and others wearing a mask or not.

You can change all the settings independently of the saved-templates drop-menu.

@pre ok. I did just go down the list of questions since I left that first one empty.

@jimgon There's one for "ventilation" and one for "your mask" and one for "their mask" and all combinations seem to be possible to me.

Including "Ventilation=indoor", "Their-mask=cotton-mask" and "Your-mask=cotton-mask".

Though "your-mask=cotton" doesn't seem to make any difference in their calculation. Which may be pessimistic.

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