I agree with every word Sabine Hossenfelder
says here while still not agreeing with the headline, "You don't have free will".

I don't really understand why people think free will doesn't exist just because determinism is true.

Choosing between different extrapolations of future worlds is, roughly speaking, the algorithm my brain uses to determine what to do.

So that's my will. It is made out of these systems to imagine possible future worlds and select between them. It works deterministically.

And obviously there are some times in which it is more constrained than others. It's more constrained if I'm bound or imprisoned. I am sometimes more or less able to execute what would otherwise be my more-freely chosen will.

As she says it's coz we're just disagreeing what "free will" means really.

I don't really see the point of it meaning something that can't exist, like some kind of magic ghost in the head.

So to me just it's a phrase referring to the amount of constraint on the decision algorithms which are a part of me.

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