Tips for people who want me to watch their favourite crazy youtube conspiracy bollocks:

1) Short videos are better. If they must be long, tell me which part to skip to. Give a timestamp. I'm not wasting an hour on your favourite idiot's conspiracy rant.

2) Don't just post the link to a video with a title like "Today's news" without comment. Tell me which part of the show made you interested. Which particular part of the vast global conspiracy does it address?

3) Give some indication that you are aware you're posting links to a far-out idea, and explain why you think it's rational to stretch credibility so much.

4) Never say "There is no evidence that...", even if your youtube conspiracy theorist said it, unless you've done a quick google to check if there is in fact any counter-evidence.

5) Research involves forming a hypothesis, devising an experiment to test the hypothesis, and then documenting the result for peer review. Following the links to more bias-confirming conspiracy bollocks is not "doing your own research".

6) Even on 2x speed it's hard to skim a youtube video. If it looks weird when it's written down that's a bad sign, so maybe find it written down and see how weird it looks and then link to that instead of the youtube conspiracy bollocks?

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