George Monbiot said this over on the bird site. Dunno if he includes The Guardian that he writes for, but I sure do.

In order to get a free-press, we must first destroy the billionaire-owned corporate client-press.


"Every day in this country, newspapers owned by billionaires living offshore tell us that the problems we suffer are caused not by the power of money, but by immigrants and foreign officials.
And every day millions of people believe them.
This is the mess we are in.
They don't report the news, they create it. "News" is the propaganda of the oligarch.
They do so to shape the political life of this nation, to suit their billionaire proprietors
Every day, massive things happen - environmental disasters, theft and fraud by the very rich, power grabs and lobbying - that go unreported by the billionaire papers. Every day, they concoct scandals out of marginal issues, or out of thin air
The media creates the social licence that permits the fossil fuel companies, the banks, the property developers, the landowners and other forms of monied power to operate. They deny and airbrush the harm these sectors do, and create a rich mythology of public benefits
They turn the public anger that should be directed at billionaires, corporations and the politicians they fund against immigrants, Muslims, the poor and other scapegoats.
They are the rot at the heart of public life."

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