Labour on Marr saying that it's important to get everyone back into the office. They're accepting without criticism the narrative frame that a massive wasteful commute, and the terrible concentration of wealth and property value in the city centers is a good thing.

Labour sure do seem to be back to just being a bunch of neo-liberal wankers defending the existing status-quo.

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The Green party on the other hand reject this frame, demand we try to spread the wealth out of the city centers. Convert the offices into residential blocks, get people living in the city centers again. Encourage home-working to reduce the wasetful commute.

So Marr won't have a green spokeman on.

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@pre I haven't watched that yet, but I am reading "The New Working Class" by Claire Ainsley, which is the bible underpinning Labour under Keir Starmer's approach, so I am told by usually reliable sources.

It is gratifying evidence based with some great insights so far.

Labour is in a "win back trust" phase and with the next GE 4 years away, it's not the time for major policy announcements.

I don't think Labour has gone back to being neoliberal and Starmer's approach has brought Labour level with the Conservatives in the polls in a few short months.

I have never seen any Prime Minister disciplined like Johnson was by Starmer and Speaker Lindsay Hoyle at last week's PMQs. It's well worth a watch.

Well, do let me know when the party thinks it's time to start disagreeing with the government frame again.

@pre They are, but only in very targeted ways.

There have been at least 8 forced government u-turns in the last 8 months. The u-turn on free school meal vouchers over the summer holidays helped more than a million kids.

@QueenOfSwords They've been doing plenty of U-Turns for sure. Mostly after mistakes so horrible even the client-media has mocked them.

Not sure how much of it is Labour. Some at least I guess. Seemed more like it came from their own supporters making them realize what a stupid idea they were executing usually.

Whenever I see Kier or his minions on the TV they are vehemently agreeing with the tories. Perhaps that's just the only bits the TV will show.

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