These two videos on the Storm hypothesis from that big-data supercomputer analysis of expression are great.

If you got like 90 minutes to watch someone talk in detail about the changes to vascular metabolic pathways that the work implies happen after infection by the virus, then I know of nowhere better to point you.

Chris Martenson's description:

DrBeen's description:

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@pre I read an article about this. Fascinating stuff.

I knew viruses could exploit epigenetics, but this one freaked me out a little. I felt a lot better when they said it suggested a number of treatments.

@rook Yeah, I had skimmed a bit of the article but not really had time to read it properly.

Then these videos were supposed to be in the background while I was doing other stuff but they basically captured my full attention anyway.

Always a good sign for quality description, even if it does mean the other stuff doesn't get done.

@pre Yeah. The article I read had some problems, and I had to fill in some gaps on my own. So I'll give these videos a watch to see if there's anything else I missed.

@pre Well, shit. If I'd realized how approachable that paper was I would have read it instead of the article I was shown.

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